Ahmedabad, India

Ahmedabad is located in the heart of Gujarat. It is peacefully sited on the banks of River Sabarmati and just 32 km away from the state capital, Gandhinagar...more

Airlines & Flights from SYDNEY (SYD) to AHMEDABAD (AMD), INDIA

With Ahmedabad destination, we have around 7 airlines offering approximately 7 flights departing Sydney per day. Finding the best Sydney to Ahmedabad flight deal generally involves a lot of research time by the consumer. Our site has done all the research on your behalf to find the cheapest flight deal to Ahmedabad by comparing airline fares, flight schedules and other conditions. Our findings are listed in the next section.

Cheapest flight from Sydney (SYD) to Ahmedabad (AMD)

Airline : Singapore Airlines (SQ)

Return Flight : $380 plus taxes $780 in economy class (Low Season)* - for 3 month ticket

Flight Schedules : Singapore Airlines SQ232 / SQ530 departs Sydney to Ahmedabad 11:15 (via Singapore)
Singapore Airlines SQ531 / SQ211 departs Ahmedabad to Sydney 23:00 (via Singapore)

Flight Frequency : Sydney to Ahmedabad - Tue, Thu, Sun
Ahmedabad to Sydney - Tue, Thu, Sun

Flight Duration : Sydney to Ahmedabad 15 hours
Ahmedabad to Sydney 15 hours 25 mins

Singapore Airlines baggage allowance for India destination : Maximum 30 kg per adult and child in Economy Class. The outside linear dimensions of each bag do not exceed 158 cm (62 in). Infants are allowed 10kg of baggage. Additionally, a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair and carry-cot or car seat may be checked in without charge.

*Low season : 01Feb – 30Nov

Cheap flights from Sydney (SYD) to Ahmedabad (AMD) with transit

Airlines Emirates Airlines
Jet Airways
Virgin Australia
Cheapest Airfare
$1120 $940 $1270
Airport Taxes $130 $130 $160
Transit / Stopover Dubai SIN / BOM Singapore
Baggage Allowance 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg
Minimum flight duration 20 hours 55 mins 24 hours 40 mins 15 hours


Economy Class Flight Specials to India

Business Class Flight Specials to India

Ahmedabad (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel) International Airport (AMD)

Ahmedabad International Airport (AMD): Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is one of the India's busiest airport with more than 250 aircrafts a day operating within many India cities. International flights operate mostly to and from Middle East. The airport is about 8 kms away from the city. There are International Terminal (T2) with two gates and Domestic Terminal (T1) with 3 gates.

The travelator is about 410 metres long and used to transfer between T1 and T2. There is no inter Terminal Bus Service and Metro Rail System available at the airport. The main transportation between airport and city are City Bus Service and Taxi Service.

NOTE: Information is correct as of 2016. Airfares and Taxes quoted are a guide only.

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